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Should I sell my land to an investor?

Does it ever make sense to sell land to an investor? I’m Ray Seaman with EXP Realty, Your Florida Land Agent.

As someone who is both a land investor and a land agent, I see all sides of this particular issue. And ultimately, whether it truly makes sense to sell to an investor depends on a few key questions. So let’s dive in.

The first question is: do I need to sell this land quickly? If you have debts to pay off, or taxes you need to pay, or you just don’t want to wait three, five, maybe eight months or even longer for the perfect buyer to come along, selling to an investor who can close in just two to four weeks might make a lot of sense for you.

The second question to ask: is there any issue with the land that would prevent you from selling on the open market? This could be a tax lien or another kind of lien, or you inherited the property that hasn’t gone through the probate process, or it could be something else. If you don’t want to deal with the expense of resolving those issues, selling to an investor who will deal with those issues and get you cash at the end of the process could make a lot of sense.

And the third question is: do you want to avoid having to pay closing costs and real estate commissions? If you want a simple cash sale that’s done and over with very quickly, then selling your land to an investor might make sense for you.

So the bottom line here is if you need to sell quickly, you may have some issues with the land, and/or you want to avoid closing costs and commissions, selling to an investor is a potentially great option for you to consider.

But what is the catch here? Well, that speed, efficiency, and problem solving comes with a cost. It really should go without saying that an investor is a business owner and they don’t work for free. So in exchange for a quick sale with no added costs to you, an investor is only going to pay a fraction of the retail value of that property. Because once an investor has purchased your property at a discount, they’ll either hold onto it and enjoy some long-term appreciation, develop the property with a partner, or resell it to a retail buyer for a profit. So hopefully this information brings some clarity on the question of whether or not it makes sense to sell your land to an investor.

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning, I am both a land investor and a land agent. So regardless of your situation, I’m here to help you sell your land one way or the other. So you can reach out to me and my team anytime at RaySeaman.com.

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