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How NOT to lose your Florida land at a tax deed auction

Hey, Florida landowner – if you haven’t paid property taxes for at least two years, you could lose your land at a tax auction. I’m Ray Seaman with EXP Realty, your Florida land agent.

Assuming this property has value and you want to actually keep it, it’s relatively simple to save your land.

Your first step is to call the county tax collector with your parcel number in hand and ask them how much you owe. They should be able to get this figure for you relatively quickly. You can then pay your overdue property taxes plus the interest and fees incurred over the phone or online. Once you’ve paid up, this stops the auction.

Now, if the amount you owe is more than you can handle, you can always reach out to me and my team at RaySeaman.com. I’ve helped multiple landowners save their property from a tax deed auction and realize some profit from their land in the end.

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