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Florida Land Buyer Pro Course – I Need Your Input!

Are you serious about buying land in Florida, but don’t really know where to start? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed by not just what’s available out there, but also how to pay for land? Is the process to buy real estate confusing and unclear to you? Are you worried about getting scammed or ripped off?

I’ve started building an online video course called Florida Land Buyer Pro, and I’d like your input on it. Specifically, I’d like you to leave a message on this. If your goal is to buy land, I’d like to know the number one thing that’s holding you back. If you have a few minutes, also let me know what topics you’d like to see covered in a land buying course.

To my knowledge, there isn’t a course you can take out there that walks you through a clear step-by-step process of buying vacant land. In drafting the outline for Florida Land Buyer Pro, I’m including everything I wish someone had taught me when I was going to buy my first piece of land: buying criteria, due diligence process, who to have on your team, how to make offers, the closing process, and what to do after you’ve bought land.

I’ve been a part of more than a hundred transactions across five states, so I certainly have some experience to share. Nonetheless, when you’ve done that much land buying and selling, you can lose a beginner’s perspective. That’s why I need your help and input to make Florida Land Buyer Pro a go-to resource.

Leave a message and tell me the number one thing that’s holding you back from buying land. If you have a little more time, list some topics that you’d also like to see covered.

My goal is for someone who’s never bought land before to pick up Florida Land Buyer Pro and confidently make a purchase within six months. I look forward to your messages. Thanks for your help here, and please share this!

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