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How to find a good real estate agent

How do you find a good real estate agent to help with your land purchase or sale?

This video may seem rather self-serving, after all, I am a land-focused real estate agent. Nonetheless, I’m not for everyone, and today I wanted to share the simple method I used to find land-friendly estate agents before I had my license and was an investor only. I still use this method today when buying and selling land outside of Florida.

First, what I do is I go to Zillow or Realtor.com and look at sold vacant land properties in the area I’m buying or selling land. I pick out those real estate agents who’ve sold multiple vacant land properties.

Second, I call through my list, leaving voicemails where necessary.

Third, for those agents who call me back, we have a conversation. If I’m a buyer, I discuss my buying criteria and see what the agent thinks is possible. If I’m a seller, I provide my property information and ask for a comparative market analysis (or CMA) of my land.

You should make your decision on which agent you work with based on their responsiveness, demonstrated market knowledge, and if you think you can work well together.

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