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Four government offices every landowner should know

If you’re a Florida landowner or a wannabe landowner, here are four local government offices you should become familiar with.

The first office to know is your county property appraiser. This office appraises the value of a piece of land and any improvements on it. This appraised value will determine how much you’ll pay in property taxes every year.

The second office is your county tax collector. This office can tell you how much property taxes have been paid in years past, and Every November, this is where who you’ll pay your property taxes to. Your county tax collector also conducts tax lien auctions on those properties where taxes aren’t paid.

The third office is the planning and zoning department. This is where you’ll go to determine what you can and can’t do with a property. Looking to do something unique like a tiny home or put a mobile home on a piece of land? You’ll want to get in touch with planning and zoning first.

Finally, the fourth office is your county clerk. The clerk’s office records deed, liens, and other official property records. They’re an important resource when researching a property or if you need to get a copy of your deed.

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